Is Jessica Simpson Releasing A New Album?

Is Jessica Simpson Releasing A New Album?
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Is Jessica Simpson releasing a new album? That's the question many people are asking after Jessica released her best-selling memoir Open Book . In her memoir, Jessica included six new songs that she wrote as part of the book. It was her first release of new music and now many people suspect she is working on an album. Jessica's last album was nearly 10 years ago so this would be a huge deal for the 40-year-old mother of three. Jessica is successful at everything she puts her hand to and she began her career as a singer.

In Open Book, Jessica revealed that one place where she finds the most solitude and healing is her home studio. Now, many people are expecting her to announce that a new, more mature album is coming along the lines of the six songs that she released with her memoir.

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A source spoke to Us Magazine for their October 26, 2020, issue and dished on the subject.

The source stated the following.

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She's been working on new music. [Jessica realizes] her past hits are too old for audiences to relate to, so she's focused on making more current tunes.

The source continued to say that after the Coronavirus pandemic ends, Jessica Simpson may even go on tour.

Jessica hasn't spoken about new music plans or shared any details regarding an upcoming album. Still, her fans are very excited and hope the news is true.

Though she released six songs exclusively through the Open Book audiobook, fans have uploaded the songs to YouTube where they are getting plenty of views.

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Jessica Simpson has released seven albums throughout her career. Her first album was Sweet Kisses released in 1999. Her last album was Happy Christmas released on November 22, 2010.

You may hear Jessica Simpson's hit song "Come On Over" that was released on June 24, 2008, below.

What do you think about Jessica Simpson releasing a new album? Are you looking forward to hearing new music from her?

Would you be interested in seeing Jessica Simpson on tour after the Coronavirus pandemic ends?


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