Is Jesse Williams Sending His Wife A Message With This T-Shirt?

Is Jesse Williams Sending His Wife A Message With This T-Shirt?

Jesse Williams and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, have had a tumultuous breakup. However, the estranged lovers finished a custody agreement where the couple will share the children, so the drama appears to be over at the moment.

With that said, fans of Jesse can't help but point out the Grey's Anatomy star's choice of t-shirt shortly after the court case.

Some on social media claimed his choice of style was a direct jab at his ex-wife.Williams was stopped at a gas station recently in Los Feliz, and the paparazzi caught a photo of him which you can see below.

The folks over at TMZ are asking if the words, "free," are alluding to Jesse's status now that he and his wife's relationship and drama is over.

It's possible his choice of shirt was merely by chance, and the people at TMZ and social media users are just reading into it but that doesn't stop fans from asking questions!

As was reported previously by Celebrity Insider , Jesse and his ex-wife decided to split up after nearly ten years together.

The pair first met when Jesse was a school teacher a decade ago.

During an interview back in 2010, Williams said to USA Today that himself and his wife had gone through many difficult challenges together. He claimed she was a "self-made" person which meant a lot to him.

Jesse added that she had "stuck with (him) through thick and thin. (They) know each other in and out." However, their relationship has taken a dark turn, as Aryn was trying to claim sole custody over their two children together because - according to Aryn - he was allegedly too busy fraternizing with Hollywood stars at  "celebrity soccer games."  In the court documents, Drake-Lee stated Williams' new life as a Hollywood celebrity leaves no time for him to take care of his kids.


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