Is Jeremy Calvert Back Together With Leah Messer?

Is Jeremy Calvert Back Together With Leah Messer?

Jeremy Calvert is single once again after his former fiancée Brooke Wehr accused him of cheating on her with multiple women. Or so we though! It is also very possible that he’s already moved on with an older love.

In fact, Calvert himself revealed if he is or not back together with Teen Mom star, Leah Messer.

The suspicions that he cheated on Wehr started when she posted a meme on Instagram that showed a man and a woman dancing romantically. The caption read: “Yes my love, I love you. I swear I won’t cheat on you tonight.” She captioned the photo, “Sounds about right. Too bad he f*****d the producer @mandi06.”

Furthermore, to make everything clear she added that he also slept with two other women and “only about 1,000 other people.”

Chelsea Houska‘s producer Mandi Venturino, who has worked as a segment producer for Messer in the past, seemingly denied the affair by tweeting, “#Alternativefacts #fakenews.”

Recently, Calvert asked his followers for “places to hit up” in Pittsburgh before going out with friends, seemingly already over the cheating scandal and his ruined relationship.

When asked during Instagram live if he would consider getting back together with Messer, he responded, “I’m never getting back with Leah. We are strictly friends now.”

Does Messer think the same way? She posted on Instagram about focusing on “outcomes” and not “problems.”

“There are no limits,” she wrote. “Go beyond anything that feels stagnant. Set goals and let eternity be the measurement of what is possible for your life!”

This isn’t the first time Calvert has been accused of cheating. As fans already know, while he was still married to Messer he also had a fling with tattoo model Melissa Marie.


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