Is Jennifer Lopez Becoming A Stage Mom To Daughter Emme? Will She Be The Next Celebrity Momager?

Is Jennifer Lopez Becoming A Stage Mom To Daughter Emme? Will She Be The Next Celebrity Momager?
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Is Jennifer Lopez becoming a stage mom to her  12-year-old daughter Emme? That's the question many people are asking due to an article in the upcoming June 8, 2020, issue of OK! magazine. The article discussed how JLo's daughter Emme has been showcasing her talents and suggests that no one is better to manage Emme's future career than JLo herself. Jennifer Lopez has brought Emme on stage with her multiple times to sing and perform and she even dazzled the world when performing at the 2020 Super Bowl. Though Emme is a twin, we haven't seen her brother, Maximillian (Max),  on stage as often as Emme, but JLo is showing off his talents as well.  Max had a solo in his school play The Wizard of Oz but it is Emme who is getting a lot of public attention right now — especially after her Super Bowl performance and solo.

Emme is also becoming a published author and is releasing her own book of prayers in September called "Lord Help Me."

A source spoke to OK! and dished on the subject of Jennifer Lopez becoming a Momager.

"Jennifer's plugging the book on her social media and plans to give interviews about it when it hits shelves in September. She's even more excited about it then Emme is!"

The source also explained that Emme is very comfortable in the spotlight and Jennifer has stated that Emme was born with the "performance gene."

You may see an article about Emme and her upcoming book, as well as her Super Bowl performance below.

Though it looks like Max is headed for stardom as well, it seems JLo may be taking a slower approach with her son rather than her daughter.

You may see Max sing his solo in The Wizard of Oz below.

The source continued to say that JLo is ready to take on the role of Momager and watch Emme shine.

"She's happy she can use her personal experiences in Hollywood to guide Emme as she starts to carve her own career path. She plans to be by her girl's side every step of the way."

What do you think about the report? Can you see JLo as a Momager? Is she the next Kris Jenner?

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