Is Jennifer Lawrence Already Bored Of Married Life With Cooke Maroney?

Is Jennifer Lawrence Already Bored Of Married Life With Cooke Maroney?
Credit: Source: Red Sparrow/Twentieth Century Fox

Is Jennifer Lawrence already bored of married life with Cooke Maroney? That's the subject of a new article in the upcoming March 16, 2020, issue of Star magazine. Known for her wild spirit, amazing acting, and outgoing personality, a source reported to the outlet that Jennifer has been having a hard time adjusting to her new married life because she's not having fun anymore. The source dished on how Jennifer and Cooke just don't see eye-to-eye anymore and now some are worried that the honeymoon has come to a crashing halt and left Jennifer blindsided.

The source dished to Star.

"Before she met Cooke, Jen was one of the biggest partiers in Hollywood. She's toned it down, but she's bored being a stay-at-home wife.

Jennifer Lawrence is 29-years-old and Cooke Maroney is 34-years-old. It's not like there is a huge age difference between the two that should create distance between them. The source kept spilling the tea to Star and said that there is a growing rift, basically because their personalities are quite different.

Neither Jennifer Lawrence nor Cooke Maroney has spoken out about Star's report to either verify it or deny it.

You may see a report featuring the newly married couple from Vogue below.

Though they've only been married for four months, the source continued to state that they are already going their separate ways. The source said that Jen is missing out on her fun, partying ways that she's toned back now that she's married.

"Jen's had to be a class act and adapt to Cookie's intellectual world, which she's gladly done for him. But really, that's just not her. He goes to work and she stays home, exercises and does online shopping. It's uneventful. Jen seems to have more fun when Cooke's not there. She can be herself, have a couple of drinks — and not feel like she's being judged."

What do you think about the report? Do you believe Star's source who says that the couple has already hit a roadblock in their marriage?

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is staying home, border out of her mind as she tries to be a traditional wife?


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