Is Jennifer Garner Going To Ben Affleck's House To Meet Ana De Armas?

Is Jennifer Garner Going To Ben Affleck's House To Meet Ana De Armas?
Credit: Source: Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Is Jennifer Garner ready to meet Ana de Armas at Ben Affleck's house? That's the subject of an article in the upcoming, April 27, 2020,  OK! magazine that has fans waiting for more. Ben's fans know that he seems head over heels in love with Ana and the two have been spending plenty of time together since the Coronavirus pandemic prompted multiple nationwide lockdowns. Jennifer Garner has reportedly been watching Ben and Ana with a cautious eye, making sure the two are the real deal before she wants her children to meet Ana.  According to Life & Style's source, Jennifer is 100 percent ready to meet and they are planning a meet and greet at Ben Affleck's home.

The source stated the following.

"Ben sees this as a step in the right direction, and he's genuinely touched that Jen's making such an effort to make Ana feel accepted. He's all for setting up a casual meet and greet at the house — the sooner the better."

Fans have been thrilled to see photos of Ana and Ben as they quarantine together in Los Angeles. People have noticed that Ben is always smiling now and he and Ana seem very happy together. Even when the paparazzi are following them, the couple always manages to smile and is always displaying plenty of PDA.

You may see a photo of Ben and Ana taken on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, as the duo walked their dogs below.

One fan even called the difference before Ben Affleck began dating Ana de Armas and after dating her the "Ana de Armas effect." Many have remarked that Ben was visibly despondent before Ana de Armas came into his life.

You may see a photo comparing Ben before and after Ana below.

According to the report, fans aren't the only ones noticing the big change in Ben. Jennifer Garner has noticed it as well and she is very pleased with the impact Ana has had on the father of their three children.

The source continued.

"Jen's impressed with Ana's character, but she's also one protective mama, so she still wants to get to know her a little better. Once Jen gives her seal of approval, the next step would be introducing Ana to the kids; it's something Ben's really looking forward to."

What do you think about Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck as a couple?

Are you happy that Ben is finally happy and staying sober?


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