Is Jennifer Aniston Jealous Of Pal Jimmy Kimmel’s Friendship With Kim Kardashian?

Is Jennifer Aniston Jealous Of Pal Jimmy Kimmel’s Friendship With Kim Kardashian?
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Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel are good pals, but his recent friendship with Kim Kardashian could be making the former Friends star jealous.

RadarOnline is reporting Aniston has some serious thoughts on the talk show hosts alleged new friend, and none of them are good. The website is saying the actress is not ok with Kimmel and his wife, Molly, getting close to the reality TV star.

"She's not trying to be cruel but is very much of the opinion that they're not classy enough for her circle of friends, even by association," an unnamed source revealed to the online tabloid.

The actress is not impressed by the famous Kardashian family, their TV show or their mega social media influence. Aniston, after all, is a reputable force in Hollywood and she is extremely selective when it comes to the people that she lets become part of her inner circle.

"She's not impressed with their social media numbers, and she never liked their show, what she saw of it. She thinks Jimmy is really skimming from the bottom of the barrel here," the source continued to reveal to RadarOnline .

Neither Jennifer Aniston nor Jimmy Kimmel has commented on the recent reports. The actress made an appearance on his Jimmy Kimmel Live show a couple of months ago, where they discussed her annual Friendsgiving event. It takes place the night before Thanksgiving, which Aniston hosts the get together each year. There was not an ounce of tension during their conversation.

There are a few issues with RadarOnline's claim Aniston is not happy Kimmel is hanging with Kanye West's wife. According to GossipCop, the talk show host has not been socializing with the anyone in the Kardashian family at all. The website can confirm they spoke with Kimmel's rep, who denies all aspects of RadarOnline's report.

The only people who truly know if there is a rift between the friends is Aniston and Kimmel. However, it does seem a little out there that the actress would have any say in who her friends associate with after all everyone is grown adults. Plus, could Aniston really be that petty?

Rumors are always swirling about the 50-year-old brunette beauty, but a majority of them are just not true. What do you think about the accusations Aniston is jealous of Kimmel's burgeoning friendship? Do you think there is any truth to the claims?


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