Is Janet Jackson Spilling Details On Bizarre Lifestyle Of Michael Jackson In New Documentary?

Is Janet Jackson Spilling Details On Bizarre Lifestyle Of Michael Jackson In New Documentary?
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Janet Jackson is the executive producer for her upcoming documentary Janet and people can't wait for the A&E special. While fans are thrilled that Janet will open up to the public about her life, new reports say her family isn't so thrilled. According to a report in the upcoming March 29, 2021, issue of OK! magazine, Janet's family is freaking out. Not only is Janet reportedly going to dish on the inner workings of the Jackson family, but she's also going to delve into her late brother, Michael Jackson , and his 'bizarre lifestyle.'

A source spoke to the publication and said that Janet's also planning on discussing her late father Joe Jackson . The source said that Janet is going to be brutally honest and will get into details about the abuse allegations against her dad. The source stated the following.

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He bullied Janet and made her feel like she was nothing without him. But her siblings say they had it much worse — especially when it came to Michael.

Though the report says Janet will discuss Michael, it's unclear if she will speak about the sexual abuse allegations levied at the singer. The only member of the Jackson family who made public statements showing there may be truth to the sexual abuse allegations was La Toya Jackson. The other members of the family stood by Michel and declared his innocence.

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Janet Jackson's documentary is set to air in 2022 on both Lifetime and A&E. Fans are excited about the documentary and the closer look at her life but many of Michael Jackson 's fans are already sounding off saying they don't want to see any drama — specifically, they don't want to see Michael Jackson's name dragged through the mud again.

It's doubtful that Janet would say anything disparaging about her brother and she may not address the allegations at all, and stick with happier topics.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Janet Jackson 's documentary? Do you think she should address Michael Jackson and his 'bizarre' lifestyle?


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