Is Heather Locklear Engaged Or Married To High School Sweetheart Chris Heisser — Check Out The Ring!

Is Heather Locklear Engaged Or Married To High School Sweetheart Chris Heisser — Check Out The Ring!
Credit: Source: Heather Locklear/Instagram

Is Heather Locklear engaged or married to her high school sweetheart Chris Heisser? That question has been on many minds since Heather was spotted out and about wearing a huge rock on her finger. Photos of Heather wearing the sparkler have gone viral and many are happy for the 58-year-old mom of one who has been celebrating living sober for over one year. Heather was spotted running errands in Los Angeles and was photographed on June 9, 2020, with the ring on her finger. Some asked if Heather was engaged while others wondered if the two managed to secretly marry without the tabloids finding out. It has been reported that the two are in fact, engaged and Heather is enjoying the best time of her life.

Heather Locklear and Chris Heisser first dated in the late 70s and fans are thrilled to see her not only happy but with someone who has proved his love for her time and time again.

When Heather Locklear was photographed she was wearing a shirt that said "Spiritual Gangster" and a face mask that said, "I'm smiling." It seemed the garments were reflective of her true emotions now that she has put her past behind her and is moving forward and living life after her recovery and has found happiness.

Heather Locklear and Chris Heisser reconnected in 2017 and he has been with her throughout her recent turmoil including arrests and a stay in rehab.

You may see Heather Locklear's new sparkler in the photos below.

Though Heather Locklear hasn't spoken out publicly to confirm the engagement, plenty of reports are circulating quoting sources close to the situation who are confirming that the couple is engaged. At this point, it is unclear when the couple plans to wed but many think that they may be putting things on hold until after the Coronavirus pandemic ends.

What do you think about the reports and Heather's new sparkler?  Are you happy that the actress has finally found true love?

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