Is He Okay? Cops Rush To Aaron Carter's Home Amid Alleged Drug And Suicide Fears

Is He Okay? Cops Rush To Aaron Carter's Home Amid Alleged Drug And Suicide Fears

Is Aaron Carter okay? According to a new TMZ report, the police rushed to his home in Florida after receiving a bizarre phone call about his welfare on Thursday, September 21. The concerned caller allegedly told the cops that Aaron appeared to be under the influence of some substances.

Sources told the site that one of Aaron's neighbors went to check on him and nobody responded when they knocked at his door.

The singer appeared fine as the police arrived at the scene according to a neighbor and he was seen answering the door for the officers.

There isn't any word regarding a potential substance abuse as the worried caller had claimed.

On the other hand, the troubled singer took to Twitter just a few hours ago to greet his fans, 'I hope everyone's having a blessed day,' before posting another tweet, 'I'm always here.' He didn't mention anything about the report, on the other hand.

Aaron seems to have some tough weeks especially after he allegedly received four welfare visits from the police lately three of which were in a 24-hour span.

The police went to his home again on September 6 after a friend of his reported that he has threatened to commit suicide.

On September 5, another worried caller said that Aaron had been abusing drugs and alcohol and for several weeks he has been trying to buy a gun .

That same day, a woman called 911 and told authorities that Aaron was driving after 'inhaling computer duster,' according to a report by The Blast.

Later that same day, Aaron crashed his BMW into the rear of a car that stopped at a stop sign.

Though the singer didn't appear to have any life-threatening injuries, he did reveal he broke his nose.

Taking to his Twitter account, he told his fans, 'TBH this s**t hurts my arms hurt my legs hurt all my airbags went off I broke my nose this is f**ked up.' Even his family is extremely worried for him , and they offered their help.

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