Is Gigi Hadid Giving Up Modeling For Motherhood? Can She Have Both?

Is Gigi Hadid Giving Up Modeling For Motherhood? Can She Have Both?
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Is Gigi Hadid giving up modeling for motherhood? That's a question on many people's minds now that it has been learned that Gigi is expecting her first child with partner Zayn Malik. The topic is also being revisited now that people are looking back at an interview Gigi gave to i-D. In the article, she spoke about her modeling career and explained how she was told she didn't have a "runway" body. But she also said something else in reference to her future modeling career and motherhood. At the time, no one outside of her immediate circle knew she was pregnant. Looking back at the comments, however; many are asking if Gigi is ready to trade one role for another.

When Gigi was asked if she saw herself expanding her role in the fashion industry, she gave a surprising response.

"I think that as I get older... well one day I’ll start a family and I don’t know if I will always be modeling. I love the creative side of fashion, it’s so fulfilling. The people I work with make me so happy, I’m so lucky to be around them. But who knows? Maybe I’ll take up full-time cooking!"

Many were unprepared to hear her response and thought she must have been speaking about twenty years into the future. Now that she's pregnant people are wondering if she is actually considering leaving the fashion business to focus on her family. And to top it off, Gigi has been cooking more!

It wouldn't be impossible for Gigi to have both — many models have successfully given birth, snapped back into runway shape, and continued with their careers. Former Victoria's Secret angels Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, and even Cindy Crawford had children then continued with their work. Cindy Crawford's two adult children (Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber are both models).

What do you think? Do you believe Gigi is saying she's ready to leave modeling so that she and Zayn can focus on their family now that she's pregnant?

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