Is Gerard Butler Training To Become A Magician?

Is Gerard Butler Training To Become A Magician?
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Is Gerard Butler training to become a magician? That's what some people are wondering now that a report in the upcoming June 8, 2020, issue of In Touch magazine has been published. Gerard has a thriving career in Hollywood and the Scottish born actor has multiple projects in various stages of development. There are also reports circulating that he loves practicing magic and illusions and is working hard at it. The publication called it an obsession and said Gerard actually wants to become a magician, whether that means he would do magic shows on television or on stage remains to be seen.

It doesn't look like Gerard Butler would be walking away from Hollywood to become the next Houdini any time soon, and the actor has a number of movies coming out, once theaters reopen. He certainly has enough time to practice new tricks, now that the Coronavirus pandemic is putting a temporary halt on Hollywood.

The source said that Gerard has a close friend who practices magic and showed Gerard a few things. The outlet didn't specify who the magical friend is or if he is famous. The source stated the following and described Gerard Butler demonstrating a magic trick for them.

"He practiced one of his magic tricks on me and tried to make his cigarette disappear —but I could still see it. He's not very good but tries so hard."

You may see a video of Gerard Butler participating in a magic trick in the player below.

Interestingly, one of the projects that Gerard Butler has in the works is a movie called A Darker Shade of Magic based on the V.E. Schwab novel. The movie focuses on four parallel worlds that are ruled by different power classes fueled by magic. It's unclear whether the magician-theme of the movie is what drew Gerard Butler to the project.

What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing Gerard Bulter the magician and finding out what tricks he has up his sleeve?

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