Is Felicity Huffman Shopping A Book And Movie Based On Her 11 Days In Prison?

Is Felicity Huffman Shopping A Book And Movie Based On Her 11 Days In Prison?
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Felicity Huffman is an Oscar-nominated actress. She's also a convicted felon. The latter has put her at odds with some of the public who wants to ensure she never profits from the college scandal she admitted she was complicit in. In fact, some people are deeply concerned and downright outraged over gossip suggesting that Felicity is shopping a book and movie based on her 11 days in prison. At this point, there is nothing to indicate or prove that Felicity intends on writing a book about her experience, but there is also nothing that legally says she can't.

Should Felicity one day decide to write about her experience or turn it into a movie, there really is nothing that would prevent her from doing so — except public backlash. At this point, it's rather evident by the tone expressed on social media that there would be a huge backlash should she try to write, sell, or star in a movie based upon her time in prison.

Felicity has been out of prison since October 27, 2019, and has been returning to her life with hubby Shameless actor and fellow Oscar-nominee William H. Macy. You may see a post by someone who is vocal about not wanting Felicity to ever turn her story into a book and movie below.

As Felicity Huffman returns to "life as usual," she also has some restoration to take care of. She was ordered to repay $30,000 and must complete 250 hours of community service. She has recently begun her community service hours and chose to work on The Teen Project.

Some people feel that Felicity Huffman didn't serve enough time and didn't have an appropriate punishment for her crime. Because Felicity entered a guilty plea, she was able to fare better than what was expected.

Lori Loughlin; however, has pleaded not guilty and is facing a punishment much greater than Felicity's. It's still unclear what the outcome in Lori Louglihn's case will be.

What do you think? Do you think Felicity Huffman should write a book or write a script or even star in a movie based on her prison experience?

Would you read a book should Felicity Huffman write one or would you be outraged and boycott it?

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