Is Emma Stone Pregnant? Is She Having A Quarantine Baby With Dave McCary?

Is Emma Stone Pregnant? Is She Having A Quarantine Baby With Dave McCary?
Credit: Source: Dave McCary

Is Emma Stone pregnant? Is she having a quarantine baby with Dave McCary? Those are the questions many people are asking now that new photos are circulating showing a woman with a large baby bump, purported to be the Oscar-winning actress. Emma Stone reportedly married Dave McCary last year and the two love their secrecy. Dave announced the couple's engagement with a photo of the pair on his official Instagram account and Emma flashed her sparkler for the camera. Other than that, the couple reveals very little about their personal, private life to the public.

Emma and Dave haven't shared much about their personal lives or even when they married (it's believed they married in a secret ceremony in September 2020) but now Star magazine is quoting a source who says that Emma is definitely pregnant with the couple's first child.

According to the upcoming January 25, 2020, issue of Star magazine, the source stated this.

She's so excited about becoming a mom. She's feeling great and has a lot of energy.

The outlet stated that the couple did marry in September 2020 and that they are thrilled to welcome their first child and are in 'total nesting mode.'

You may see the photo that Dave McCary shared on Instagram showing off Emma Stone's engagement ring below.

Source: Dave McCary

With a couple as private as Dave and Emma are, they certainly haven't addressed the pregnancy rumors or confirmed or denied whether the photos making social media rounds are in fact Emma and her baby bump.

Still, fans are convinced that the woman photographed is Emma Stone and they believe that the photos are absolute confirmation of Emma's quarantine baby!

Emma and Dave met when she hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2017 ,  where Dave works as a writer and the two hit it off. Their love blossomed and now it appears they are ready to build their family.

You may see the photos that are making social media rounds below.

As for the baby's gender, Star's source says that the couple knows whether their baby is a boy or a girl but is also keeping that news private.

Emma is one of Hollywood's beloved leading ladies and you may see some highlights from her most popular television moments below.


What do you think? Does the woman depicted in the photos look like Emma Stone? Are congratulations in order for Emma and Dave? Is Emma pregnant with her first child?

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