Is Ellie Goulding Prince's Harry lover?

Is Ellie Goulding Prince's Harry lover?
Source: Speaker's Corner

Ellie Goulding, the famous singer, was caught red-handed (or red-faced) when in an interview, an Australian TV host asked if she indeed is having a baby with Prince Harry. Ever since she broke up with the rocker Dougie Poynter back in March, the 29-year-old singer has been really close to the British royal star, which made lots of people think that they are currently together.
Harry, who is 32, and Ellie know each other ever since 2011, when she had a performance at Prince William's wedding to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Ellie insisted that the two of them are just good friends, but most people still think that the two are a couple.

Carrie Bickmore, who is a host on the Australian news and is taking care of the current affairs show called The Project, made Ellie to be embarrassed when she asked her if she is having Harry's baby in an interview she gave on Wednesday. To make things clear, Ellie declared that she is not having a baby anytime soon. Though this would have been a clear answer for anybody, Carrie went on and asked her if she is pregnant with the royal heir, to which Ellie found no reply on the spot.
She said that she is turning bright red while she dived off camera and added that she had a feeling this would come up. All this comes after some rumors appeared that Ellie is currently seeing the prince, after The Sun published that they flirted at a party after a polo event.
As it seems, they were seen kissing at the event, but Harry had to go early since he was playing polo the next day. Moreover, the inside source had told the newspaper that Ellie quickly left after that and that the Prince was overheard when he told his friends how much he likes her.


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