Is Ciara Pregnant? Russell Wilson Hints At Baby Number 3 In Cute Video With Sienna Princess Wilson Stealing Kisses

Is Ciara Pregnant? Russell Wilson Hints At Baby Number 3 In Cute Video With Sienna Princess Wilson Stealing Kisses
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Is Ciara pregnant? Her husband, NFL star Russell Wilson, just posted the most adorable video on social media where he melted hearts and had fans in tears.

In the clip, Russell is getting ready to go on a date with Ciara and wanted to give her a little kiss, but baby Sienna Princess Wilson decided that was not going to happen.

The cute one-year-old kept pushing her father away from her mother and instead stole all the kisses for herself.

Via the caption, Russell said he is ready for baby number 3 and Sienna is making it difficult.

The athlete confessed: "When I’m over here tryin’ to make baby number 3 & baby number 2 stoppin’ it! 😂🤣❤️ @Ciara."

Fans have fallen in love with Russell for also showing love to his stepson, Future.

One person said: "Notice he said baby number 2. Aww, he loves Future as his own. Siiiiis!!!!!! I been asking Jesus for the same thing!!!!!! I’ve prayed on it tho, so I know they are on the way in Jesus mighty name! 😊🙏🏾"

Another commenter stated: "This man said baby number 3😭😭👀 Give us another baby sis we support it give him the baby lll. These too haha. Future hell mad after seeing this. This is the type of man you get when you respect yourself and have standards."

This supporter wrote: "Reasons why I’ll never take my baby daddy back. I’m looking for Russell chile 😅How I picture my life with my future children and father...whenever I decide to have kids lol. God bless all men like Wilson and change the rest to be like them. Can I get an Amen. 👏👑"

Another fan told Ciara the following: "Omg....her happiness brings me tears and so much more. Every woman deserves this amount of unconditional love 💖💖💖. They have an entire staff, including a chef, a nanny, a management team, security, etc. that is either at their home and/or traveling with them most of the time. It was date night, so their security was probably there, or any number of their staff. By the way, looks like a fancy date night & they own their own film & video production company, so their crew is with them quite often."

Ciara has found the greatest love.

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