Is Brad Pitt The Real Benjamin Button? 'World War Z' Star Looks Extremely Youthful During Latest Appearance

Is Brad Pitt The Real Benjamin Button? 'World War Z' Star Looks Extremely Youthful During Latest Appearance
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Brad Pitt has had a challenging year since the split from his wife of three years, Angelina Jolie. As you can expect, ending a twelve-year relationship can take its toll on a person. Commonly, sightings of a star after a split are followed by comments of pity. However, such comments are not the case with Pitt. The actor, 53, has been spotted a few times recently, appearing to defy the laws of aging.  Looking younger than ever, could Pitt possibly be the closest thing we find to a real-life Benjamin Button?

Pitt, who starred in both The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and World War Z , made a recent appearance at the 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala. According to Esquire , Pitt appeared decades short of his fifties at the event.

Pitt showed up looking dapper in a black Gucci suit, paired with a striped, multi-colored tie. He even opted for a fresh face, free of his more frequented facial hair.

What is the secret to his youthful appearance? Daily Mail reported that Pitt has recently given up drinking. In fact, at the LACMA Gala, Pitt was not seen with a drink in his hand at any point.

Pitt explained that he gave up a lot of things after starting a family, but “boozing” wasn’t one of them. He reasoned that the drinking was a way for him to avoid his feelings.

When asked about his recent change in an interview with GQ Style , Brad Pitt explained, “I was boozing too much. It’s just become a problem. And I’m really happy it’s been half a year now, which is bittersweet, but I’ve got my feelings in my fingertips again.”

Considering his recent divorce from Jolie, and splitting time with the former couple’s six children, this is quite a time for Pitt to be in touch with his feelings.

It looks as though the actor has found, whether it is the lack of drinking or not, the secret to looking youthful at an age where most men and women are having trouble in that department. Despite the drama in his life the past year, Brad Pitt seems very happy and healthy at this stage of his life.

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  • Dee
    Dee Nov 9, 2017 3:04 AM PST

    There's a big difference in the 90's and now. He's 53 or 54 years old, he's had his golden boy days and now it's time for the younger, good looking 20-30 & 40 something year olds to enjoy hearthrob status. He looks ok, with Botox and fillers. The hairstyle is better suited for a younger man, yet it's good he finally started shaving. Some celebs are far too obsessed with age. When a person hits their 50's substance, depth and grace are far more attractive than someone trying to claim their youth. It's sad really. Angie is the one looking more Gorgeous, radiant, vibrant and youthful, obviously all very naturally. She's really gotten heavenly, healthy and happy, in this past year. She's got her wings and she's shining like she deserves to.

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