Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Keeping A Close Eye On Chris Pratt Now That Katherine Is Pregnant?

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Keeping A Close Eye On Chris Pratt Now That Katherine Is Pregnant?
Credit: Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Instagram

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger keeping a close eye on Chris Pratt now that his daughter Katerine is pregnant? That's the subject of an article in the upcoming May 18, 2020, issue of OK! magazine. According to a source who spoke on the situation, Arnold is extremely protective of Katherine and is keeping tabs on Chris Pratt to make sure he always treats Katherine the way she deserves. The source also stated that Arnold is very excited about becoming a grandfather for the first time. The source stated the following.

"He's keeping tabs on Chris and has made it very clear that he expects Katherine to be treated like a queen during this period. Arnold's very hands-on and wants to be as involved as possible, so he's checking up on them and constantly asking if Chris is doing his job."

Arnold shares Katherine with his ex-wife Maria Shriver and though no one has spoken out to confirm that he is being extra protective, many people are finding the report believable. Katherine is 30-years-old and Chris Pratt is 40-years-old, and their age difference may also have Arnold feeling that he needs to keep the watchful eye on his son-in-law.

You may see a photo of Katherine Schwarzenegger with her baby bump on full display in the photo below.

So how does Chris Pratt feel about his father-in-law and his ever-watchful-eye? The source continued to dish on the subject.

"Chris finds it a little irritating but that's what he signed up for when he married Katherine."

According to the report, just because Arnold Schwarzenneger is watching Chris Pratt like a hawk, doesn't mean he doesn't like his son-in-law. The source said that both Arnold and Maria are fond of Chris.

The source continued.

"For now, Chris is humoring Arnold, but he does have his boundaries. Eventually, the meddling will become a challenge for him."

What do you think about the report? Do you believe that Arnold is keeping a close eye on Chris Pratt?

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