Is Angelina Jolie Starving For Romantic Attention While Women Fawn Over Brad Pitt?

Is Angelina Jolie Starving For Romantic Attention While Women Fawn Over Brad Pitt?
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Is Angelina Jolie starving for romantic attention while women are fawning over Brad Pitt? That's the subject of a new article in the upcoming March 9, 2020, of OK! magazine, that discusses how Angelina Jolie has been seemingly single since her split from Brad Pitt. Though neither Angelina Jolie nor Brad Pitt has been linked to a significant other since their split, Brad has been plagued by rumors that he and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are back together. Meanwhile, a source tells OK! that Angelina is virtually unlucky in love and hasn't been able to find a man whom she can get serious with. Instead, Angelina has been a homebody who focuses on her children.

A source reported the following to the publication.

"She's been set up on a few discreet dates but nothing's worked out. It's frustrating for her —she's basically had no male companionship aside from her bodyguards since she and Brad split."

The news comes as a shock to many who view Angelina Jolie as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The source also revealed to the publication that Angelina may seem as if she likes the independent life but deep down she wants to find love again.

You may see a video of Angelina and two of her six children that she shares with Brad Pitt at the Maleficent red carpet premiere in the video player below.

Fans were surprised that Angelina has stayed single as long as she has. Angelina and Brad announced their split in 2016, and many thought Angelina would be involved in another high profile relationship with a celebrity. Brad Pitt was her third husband so it's unclear if Angelina is willing to walk down the aisle for a fourth time.

The source continued to speak about what Angelina is looking for in an ideal partner.

"She wants someone who works behind the scenes, like a studio hotshot, but her difficult reputation tends to get in the way. Finding the right guy is proving virtually impossible."

Angelina Jolie has remained very private since her split from Brad Pitt and hasn't confirmed whether the report is true.

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