Is Amy Schumer’s parody for Beyonce’s Formation racist?

Is Amy Schumer’s parody for Beyonce’s Formation racist?
Source: Newsclip

Recently, stand-up comedian Amy Schumer has been labeled as racist on social media because of her Beyonce Formation parody video.

The parody that the 35 year-old comedian filmed alongside actress Goldie Hawn attracted a lot of negative comments that criticized the racist implications of spoofing the choreography from the music video.

It all came from the fact that the original song and video from Beyonce were aimed to empower black females and many social media users found the rendition at least distasteful if not downright offensive and ignorant.

Angry posts on Twitter followed suit and people did not hesitate to put the comedian in her place and give her a social lesson to remember. They found no excuse to the fact that Schumer was oblivious to the cultural significance of Formation for black women and even went so far as to wish for the comedian’s career to be ruined.

Others expressed how disrespectful and out of place was such a parody made by white women about a song and video with such deep significance for black female empowerment. Twitter user with the handle @Maliagif wrote: 'Amy Schumer made a parody of Formation, a song about female black empowerment, with a bunch of other white women...what a mess.'

The #AntSchumerGottaGoParty hashtag was created and many used it to express their hate towards the parody and Amy Schumer. The movement was so huge that many did not hesitate to even dig up some of her older tweets that they suspected to have racist connotations as well.

But what is actually the most surprising in this whole mess is the fact that, aside from Amy’s personal YouTube channel, where it currently has three times more dislikes than likes, the parody was also released on Tidal, Jay Z’s – who is Beyonce’s husband – own music service.


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