Is Alia Shawkat Holed Up In Brad Pitt's House?

Is Alia Shawkat Holed Up In Brad Pitt's House?
Credit: Source: Alia Shawkat/Animals/Closer Productions

Is Alia Shawkat holed up in Brad Pitt's house? That's the question people are asking due to an upcoming article in the May 11, 2020, issue of the Enquirer. According to their reporting, Alia was spotted wearing a face mask and arriving at Brad's home on April 18, and it is believed that she left! The report comes at a time when other publications are saying Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston secretly reunited and are even planning on getting married. Now, people are seriously doubting those reports are true because Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat are virtually inseparable. TMZ just reported that the pair was spotted at the Thundercat show in Los Angeles with a girl who looked exactly like Alia. It should come as no surprise if the two are staying together. Brad Pitt is a Sagitarrius and Alia is an Aries. As far as the stars are concerned — Brad and Alia are a perfect match!

Are these two fire signs burning with passion for each other? That remains to be seen, but the Enquirer reports that Alia is definitely Brad's new flame — so long Jennifer Aniston!

The article quoted a source who said the following.

"Brad and Alia are crazy about each other and she often stays over at his place. She only lives a five-minute walk from his place, so they tend to hang out most days."

You may see TMZ's article about Alia and Brad going to the Wiltern with Alia to see Thundercat below.

So where does this leave Jennifer Aniston? Well, first, there was never any confirmation to the reports that said Brad Pitt and Jennifer were even hanging out, let along an item. Yes, they had plenty of PDA at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards but they weren't spotted together since!

Still, the Enquirer reported that Brad is actually torn between Jennifer and Alia but the source continues to say that Brad is definitely spending more time with Alia than Jen.

"It looks like Alia is winning the race right now because she's spending time with Brad and Jen isn't!"

What do you think about the report? Do you think that Brad Pitt is really back together with Jennifer Aniston or do you think he and Alia are more than friends?

Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She enjoys writing about celebrity lifestyles.


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