Is Alexis Skyy Really Pregnant With Fetty Wap's Baby? What Does Masika Think?

Is Alexis Skyy Really Pregnant With Fetty Wap's Baby? What Does Masika Think?

According to The Shade Room, Alexis Skyy is expecting a baby with her on-and-off boyfriend, rapper and singer, Fetty Wap. The rapper is the father to Masika Kalysha's child and it appears - if the rumors are true - that he will be adding one more child to his notorious roster!

Alexis - who is trying to get her singing career on the road - posted several Snapchat pictures at Fetty's house, and the pair followed each other on Instagram.

And while Alexis and Fetty have not yet addressed the rumors, Alexis' sworn enemy, Masika Kaylsha, alluded to the speculation on her Twitter feed.

Masika wrote, "Abuick Dirt is planning a BIG REVEAL at the reunion. She's gonna shock my by saying she's pregnant with Wap's 27th child egad!"

As CI readers know, Skyy and Masika have been fighting for almost two years now, as Fetty impregnated Masika when he was dating Skyy.

After the news broke, Skyy had the rapper's name removed from her body, which was probably a good decision considering his reputation as a philanderous man.

It's a reoccurring joke among hip-hop fans that Fetty has many baby mamas, even Kalysha herself alluded to that fact on her social media.

As was previously reported by Celebrity Insider , Fetty appears to be on Masika's team, as the star of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood posted his messages - that was clearly in support of her - on her social media account.

The rapper wrote that he felt inspired by the way she "stands tall" when everyone attacks her. He said he was "in her corner."At this point, this situation has become so messy that no one really knows what's going on except for the members of the love triangle themselves.


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