Is Adele Taking Her Weight Loss Too Far? Friends Are A Bit Concerned

Is Adele Taking Her Weight Loss Too Far? Friends Are A Bit Concerned
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Is Adele taking her weight loss too far?  A new report in the upcoming March 2, 2020, issue of Ok! Magazine, says that she is and not only that, but her friends are a bit concerned. At issue is that Adele is rather tall —in fact, she's clearly model height standing 5'9" but according to a source who spoke to the outlet, Adele wants to weigh a mere 115 pounds! This is underweight by any medical standard and would be considered by many to be "scary skinny." The weight goal of 115 pounds is more in line with a woman who stands about 5'3 rather than 5'9!

The source dished on how Adele managed to lose approximately 100 pounds and the outlet says that though her friends are happy for her newfound happiness and confidence, they are worried she is taking the weight loss too far.

Adele turned heads when she showed up at Beyonce's and Jay-Z's Oscar's after-party (she also attended P.Diddy's 50th birthday party) where people said that Adele was unrecognizable due to her weight loss, as reported by Ashley Mitchell.

Ok! reported the following.

"From the moment she arrived, everyone was doing double takes and whispering, 'Is that Adele?"

You may see a video report about Adele's weight loss and her appearance at Beyonce's and Jay-Z's Chateau Marmont Oscars After-Party in the video player below.

There is no question that Adele has lost weight through hard work and determination. The mother of one child, a son named Angelo (7), exercised, trained at the gym and added pilates to her routine and is a strict adherent of the Sirtfood diet. It has been reported that Adele keeps her calories extremely low (about 1000 per day), though this hasn't been verified.

The source also dished to the magazine that Adele wants to weigh 115 pounds.

"Her target weight is 115, which is very skinny for someone who's 5'9". Friends are a bit concerned that she may be taking this too far, but Adele's assured everyone they don't need to worry. She's healthy and loves her new lifestyle."

What do you think about Adele's stunning transformation? Do you think she looks unrecognizable?

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