Irina Shayk Still Believes In The Sanctity Of Marriage Despite Bradley Cooper Split

Irina Shayk Still Believes In The Sanctity Of Marriage Despite Bradley Cooper Split
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Irina Shayk is now sharing her thoughts on marriage and serious relationships, with her answer being somewhat surprising to her fans. The 33-year-old model was on Harper Bazaar's latest issue in which she posed for photographs and dished on her romantic and personal life.

Apparently, the interview was actually conducted shortly before her split with Bradley Cooper after months of speculation indicating there was trouble in paradise. According to rumors, Lady Gaga was to blame for their romance's demise, but this has never been confirmed.

Despite the fact things never worked out between Bradley and Irina, she is still quite optimistic about their relationship. "Everyone looks at it differently," the star explained, adding, "Do I believe in marriage? Yes." The model said she isn't the kind of person who's against it.

With that said, however, she doesn't believe marriage is a thing for her, but strong etiquette within a romance does, however, appeal to her personality. Irina said to the outlet that she believes text messaging and Instagram messages are partially to blame for the loss of intimacy and companionship, demanding people, "you freaking pick up the phone, call, and say, 'let's have dinner.'"

Regarding her 2-year-old child with Mr. Cooper, Irina managed to stay relatively silent. One interesting piece of information acquired through multiple reports, however, is the fact Irina named her daughter after her grandmother, Galina.

Irina said in the past their grandmother was one of the strongest women she ever knew. "Motherhood is just an addition to your life," the star remarked. When asked why she believes so many people are interested in her private life, the model said it's simply human nature; they want what they can't have.

Ironically, Shayk had humble beginnings, thinking, at first, she'd actually be a teacher or a piano instructor until she was discovered one day. Regarding her view toward social media, the star said she now refuses to read comments online because many of them are quite vitriolic and mean-spirited.

The star, speaking with the publication, stated that one has to become comfortable with themselves because others will constantly try and tell you that you're not enough. Moreover, people want you to be just like them, and not your own person.

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