Irina Shayk Has The Best Response To Claims She Got Plastic Surgery After Bradley Cooper Split

Irina Shayk Has The Best Response To Claims She Got Plastic Surgery After Bradley Cooper Split
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Irina Shayk had the best response to those rumors she has gone under the knife following her split from Bradley Cooper .

The brunette beauty looks gorgeous these days and is definitely not sweating her break-up. However, some trolls have come at Shayk, insisting her good looks are from plastic surgery procedures. She offered up the most genuine response to those accusations in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar.

"Look, if somebody wants to inject their lips because they feel bad, God bless them. I don't judge anyone. I always promote natural beauty because I think we live in this perfect world where everyone wants to be perfect," the 33-year-old explained to the magazine.

She even went on to talk about the times where perfection does not mean what people think. It actually means imperfection.

"But I'm not perfect. Sometimes I have a double chin. Perfection doesn't exist. I'm going to have wrinkles, and I have wrinkles. You just have to accept the idea of aging and of bodies at every stage, and just celebrate it. In life, we have to let it go and understand it's a human process not to be perfect," Shayk shared.

As for those pesky rumors she went under the knife to make herself feel better now that she is single, the model admits the headlines only make her laugh.

"And if I read a headline and it's like, 'She had injections, her lips look like dumplings,' I just laugh because it just makes me, I don't want to say it makes me happy, but I think in this life you have to have a sense of humor. With everything that's going on in the world, you have to take it easy. Some people are going to love you. Some people are going to hate you. It doesn't really disturb my life," the mother of one expressed.

Irina Shayk is not letting plastic surgery rumors or her split from Bradley Cooper faze her at all. Instead, she is living life with humor as she embarks on a new journey.

The single mother intends to pass along her healthy body positive attitude, as well as her desire to live life with a lot of humor to her only child. Cooper and Shayk are parents to Lea De Seine. Age 2. They are reportedly amicably working together to settle a fair custody arrangement for the little girl.

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