Ireland Baldwin Poses Topless In Support Of Voting

Ireland Baldwin Poses Topless In Support Of Voting
Credit: Source: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Ireland Baldwin posed topless on Instagram in support of voting and her post is getting plenty of views. Ireland has used her voice and celebrity status to raise awareness for issues close to her heart and voting is no different. She frequently speaks out about eating disorders and self-image and now she is reminding people of the importance of voting in this year's election.

Ireland is 26-years-old and in excellent shape. She previously put her dance skills on display with a modern-interpretive dance for the WAP challenge. In the photo slideshow that Ireland posted, she used her voting stickers as pasties and showed off her flawless abs. She posed for the pictures wearing nothing but the voting stickers and a pair of pants and stood in front of her swimming pool. She shared three topless photos and included this caption: 'voting is cool and so are disproportionate boobs.'

Some of Ireland's followers were concerned about how her famous parents would react to the photo. Ireland's mother is fellow model and actress Kim Basinger and her father is the actor Alec Baldwin. Even though Ireland's birthday is October 23, 2020, (she just turned 26-years-old) her parents still look out for her.

Kim Bassinger left her a stern message when Ireland posted a photo with what appeared to be a face tattoo and many are worried that Alec will lose it if he finds out Ireland posed topless!

One person left the following comment on Ireland's photo album.

omg hope your dad don't see this or he will say put on some clothes

Ireland's stepmother, Hilaria Baldwin left a comment on the photo album and shared two yellow heart emojis, so maybe Hilaria will smooth things over with Alec should he be upset.

You may see the photo slideshow that Ireland Baldwin shared below.

What do you think about Ireland Baldwin's bold move to create voting awareness?


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