Iowa Official Jerry Foxhoven Reportedly Forced To Resign After Emailing Tupac Song Lyrics To Employees

Iowa Official Jerry Foxhoven Reportedly Forced To Resign After Emailing Tupac Song Lyrics To Employees
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One Iowa official has reportedly been forced to resign after he emailed employees the lyrics to a Tupac Shakur song.

Jerry Foxhoven, an Iowa Department of Human Services Director, no longer has a job thanks to taking his love of the late rapper too far. The 66-year-old has not only been a longtime fan of the Tupac but is also a super fan.

People magazine is reporting that Foxhoven had "Tupac Fridays" where his employees were invited to come to his office and listen to the rapper's fantastic music. On his 65th birthday, the super fan brought in cookies for his employees that were Tupac themed. Some of the yummy treats had the phrase "thug life" decorated on them.

The Associated Press obtained the emails from Foxhoaven to his employees that resulted in him getting ousted. A total of 4,300 agency employees received emails from the director over the years with the word Tupac or 2Pac.

In one email, the rapper's lyrics were used to discuss love on Valentine's Day. Another one had a picture of Tupac and his words "It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes." The latter was used in what Foxhoaven hoped would help inspire cultural change at the agency.

Although most of the responses to the Tupac emails were positively received, The Associated Press claims there was at least one complaint to lawmakers in the past year.

In June, the superfan sent an email to remind his employees Tupac's birthday was that week, which was also Father's Day. One day later, Foxhoaven was asked by Governor Kim Reynolds to resign.

The timing is extremely suspect, and people are blasting the Governor for firing him over his Tupac obsession. A representative for Governor Reynolds has only said: "they are taking the agency in a new direction."

Jerry Foxhoven is gaining a lot of attention for his Tupac emails that were sent to inspire employees. The Iowa official was asked to resign one day after he sent an email honoring the rapper’s birthday, but Foxhoven does not believe the two are connected.

"I think it's a coincidence," he shared with The Associated Press.

He may think it is not connected, but the court of public opinion has already decided that was the reason. After all, his emails with Tupac lyrics or inspirational messages were specifically searched for amid his resigning.

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