Instagram Picture Of Jenelle Evans’ Baby Sparks Rumors That Her Fiance Is NOT The Father!

Instagram Picture Of Jenelle Evans’ Baby Sparks Rumors That Her Fiance Is NOT The Father!

Jenelle Evans and her fiancé David Eason welcomed their baby daughter back in January, but is the baby really his?

The Teen Mom star has recently posted a picture of the child on Instagram and fans noticed her skin tone was darker. This fact started speculations that the daughter is in fact conceived with her ex-boyfriend and not with Eason.

As fans may remember, the 25 years old Evans reunited with her now ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp after breaking up with her fiancé Nathan Griffith.

Their rekindled relationship didn’t really last and Jenelle finally started dating her current fiancé David Eason.

Now that the happy couple posted a picture of Ensley, seemingly having a darker complexion, her followers started wondering whether the baby daughter is, in fact, Delp’s.

“She looks like Jace and Kieffer,” one fan commented. “She’s not David’s anyone can see she is mixed.”

Another user claimed the baby looks more and more like Delp and that Eason should ask for a DNA test.

Evans however, insists that the baby is Eason’s 100%!

“That’s ridiculous,” she stated adding that the speculations are “not true.”

She then explained that it was just the Insta filter that made her look darker than she actually is.

Eason also took to social media to stress that indeed, the “shadow” is what makes her skin look darker, but in reality, she is “white as hell!”

Evans has two more kids - 7-year-old Jace with Andrew Lewis and 2-year-old Kaiser, with Griffith.

Do you also believe that David Eason is not the father? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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  • Dani Parker
    Dani Parker Apr 22, 2017 6:12 PM PDT

    Janelle is a mess and still making poor choices. I just hope that her mother was awarded permanent custody of Jace once and for all. Janelle is horrible how she and whatever boyfriend she's with plays mind games with that boy. It's a good thing that it's captured on video so the Judge can see that Janelle doesn't have Jace's best interest at heart. She's horrible. From her teen mom episode, Barbara has been the only constant in Jace's life since the time of his birth to the present date while Janelle was concerned about drugs and men. I don't see where anything's change concerning her putting men ahead of her children. She has a type, the volatile, abusive, drug addicted type. I caught what was said about her current boyfriend concerning his status with his own children. He's not allowed any contact with his own son and can't have custody of his daughter, visits only. The mother doesn't have custody of her either. Jenelle keeps choosing these violent guys. If I was Barbara, I would only allow Jenelle to see Jace at my house without her violent boyfriend. In one episode Jace said that he and David's daughter watched Kiefer while Jenelle and her boyfriend stayed in bed half the day. That's not good at all. Jace seems so relaxed and happy when he's at home with his grandmother.

  • Kerryann
    Kerryann Apr 21, 2017 6:58 AM PDT

    Black and beautiful

  • Reasy
    Reasy Apr 21, 2017 6:36 AM PDT

    Show the child's hair, white babies, bi- racial babies and black babies all have different hair textures. But at the end of the day she is an adorable baby, and no matter what everyone is assuming or gossiping about it's Janelle's baby and I'm happy for her.

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