Inside Rob Kardashian's Big Plans For A Comeback

Inside Rob Kardashian's Big Plans For A Comeback
Credit: Source: Radar Online

Third times a charm. Rob Kardashian is gearing up for his big comeback and has already started with his new streetwear line.

The father of Dream Kardashian has let go of the past and is focusing on the future. He wants to be the best dad to Dream as he can be by getting healthier from dieting and exercising while refocusing on his career which includes business endeavors and maybe even his own spin-off show.

Radar Online got the scoop on baby brother's big return.

'Dream has given Rob a new lease on life and he really wants to live to see his daughter grow up. Rob has quit drinking and partying and he has let go of his bitter resentment against all of his family members. He figured if he can’t beat his sisters, then he should join them. Rob is doing this for himself now and not for Chyna, or for anyone else. He is ready to regain control of his life and is only going up from here.'

The 32-year-old recently shared a photo of the gym he was working out in.

Rob is always looking for a new leading lady. Right now, Natti Natasha has got his interest; however, Evelyn Lozada may be coming for her spot.

While speaking to The Breakfast Club, Lozada revealed whether she would give Rob a chance or not after some extremely flirty messages shared on Twitter.

'I think Rob is a nice guy, I really, really do. I feel like he has potential for greatness and I hope he really keeps kicking ass in the gym, because I think he’s a nice looking man. I would go on a date with Rob.'

After multiple failed attempts to get his life back on track, this may be the one that sticks.


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