Inside Queen Elizabeth's Health Crisis Weeks After Prince Philip's Scary Car Crash

Inside Queen Elizabeth's Health Crisis Weeks After Prince Philip's Scary Car Crash
Credit: Source: Town & Country

Royal watchers are concerned about Queen Elizabeth’s health after a series of photos show some discoloration on Her Majesty’s hand. The purple spots could be a sign of a larger health condition known as peripheral cyanosis, though Kensington Palace has refused to confirm the reports.

Fans were quick to notice the alarming spots while Elizabeth welcomed the King and Queen of Jordan inside Buckingham Palace. Fans speculated that the purple spots could be a sign of peripheral cyanosis, which causes discoloration in limbs.

According to Express , there are a number of reasons behind discoloration in hands and feet. This includes bad circulation, heart problems, high blood pressure, blood clots and medicinal issues. It is unclear what caused Elizabeth’s bruised hand, but it sounds like there may be good reason for concern, especially given her age.

The health crisis comes shortly after Prince Philip suffered a scary car wreck. Philip was involved in a serious accident just outside of the royal family’s Sandringham Estate, which is located in Norfolk.

Philip walked away from the crash without any injuries, though two people involved in the wreck were sent to the hospital. The individuals were treated for their injuries and later released.

Inside sources claim that members of the royal family convinced Philip to stop driving and surrender his license after the near-fatal crash. A few days after the wreck, Elizabeth was spotted riding a train to London and appeared in a good state of health.

She has not commented on Philip’s wreck or the reports surrounding her health.

Aside from the purple spot on her hand, Queen Elizabeth has not shown any signs of slowing down as she continues her streak as the longest reigning Queen of England. Prince Charles is next in line to throne once Elizabeth is gone, followed by his first-born son, Prince William.


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