Inside Lori Loughlin's Prison - The Actress Will Have Access To Yoga And More

Inside Lori Loughlin's Prison - The Actress Will Have Access To Yoga And More
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Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's controversial case has been all over the headlines ever since it was first revealed, and now that they've copped a plea deal, news outlets have focused on how the celebrity couple will be treated behind bars.

Page Six reported today that the judge agreed to send Lori and Mossimo to an institution that can hardly be compared to a tough prison like Riker's Island or Alcatraz.

Reportedly, Mossimo and Lori will serve time two hours away from their $9.5 million mansion on the western side of Los Angeles. If her sentence is approved by the federal Bureau of Prisons, Lori will be able to serve at the FCI in Victorville.

What's different about the institution is that it features ukelele, accordion, and saxophone lessons as well as fitness classes such as origami, pilates, and yoga.

The prison features all kinds of classes and courses for inmates to take advantage of during their stay, including ceramics, leathercraft, crochet, and cartoon drawing. Some of the other courses include things like a forklift driving class as well as how to repair bicycles.

The handbook released by the camp says that the purpose of the classes is for inmates to use their time wisely. Mossimo, on the other hand, will go to a camp without as many amenities, but there are still plenty of activities for him to engage in.

Mossimo's camp features things like parenting classes, which the celebrity duo might need after sources claimed Olivia and Jade, their daughters, were devastated to hear that their parents were going away.

Agustin Huneeus, another individual involved in the college admissions scandal, was released two weeks before his sentence came to an end on account of the coronavirus. David Sloane, as well, a LA businessman, asked for an early release but was denied.

Loughlin and Giannulli will walk away from their homes and into their temporary living situations on the 19th of November. Lori will serve just two months whereas Mossimo will serve five. They also have to pay fines.

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