Inside 'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar's Emotional Delivery Of Baby Felicity

Inside 'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar's Emotional Delivery Of Baby Felicity
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

There is no doubt that Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are very much in love. And now that they have welcomed their first child – a daughter they named Felicity – they have made it even more clear that they are a perfect match. After Duggar gave birth, she said that she was so overcome with emotion that she cried when she saw her husband holding their daughter in his arms.

"The moment I saw Felicity in Jeremy’s arms, I melted. She is blessed to have such a remarkable father," the new mom told Us Weekly.

Duggar also said that Vuolo had excellent skills as a coach in the delivery room, and he was beside her the entire time. She added that he encouraged her to press on even though she told him multiple times that it hurt so bad she couldn’t do it anymore.

Vuolo told her “I know it hurts, but you’re stronger.” And, Duggar says that she could not have asked for a better husband and partner. She also admits to becoming a monster during labor, but she is having a hard time remembering it because their love fest with their daughter is making it tough.

Even though she has 18 siblings and 11 nephews and nieces – meaning she has spent a lot of time around babies – Duggar still admits that she was nervous about giving birth because of all the stories she had heard.

But when it came time to deliver Felicity in the early morning hours of July 19th, the 24-year-old says she believes God gave her the grace to cope. Duggar also says that her first days with her daughter have been “incredible,” and she and Vuolo can’t stop staring at their daughter’s “adorable little face.”

Duggar’s sister Jessa and her mom Michelle traveled to Texas to help out the new mom, and she says that she is so thankful to have such great help around her because it has given her the opportunity to rest and recover.

As for her daughter’s name, Jinger says that she and her husband loved the name Felicity the moment they thought of it a few months ago. She explained that the name means intense happiness or supreme joy, and long ago it was the name of a young Christian girl who stood strong for her faith.

Jessa and Jinger’s oldest sister, Jana, helped design Felicity’s nursery. Jinger says that they ran some idea past her and she decided to go with a Southwest theme because they live in Laredo, Texas.

She also says that her daughter already looks like Vuolo, and fans should “see their baby pictures side-by-side.”  Jinger concluded gushing about Felicity by saying that God has been gracious to entrust her and her husband with such a wonderful gift.

Watch Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on Season 8 of Counting On which premieres Monday, July 30th on TLC.


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