Indiana Jones 5 Is In The Works - But Without Steven Spielberg

Indiana Jones 5 Is In The Works - But Without Steven Spielberg
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After years of speculation and rumor, it was reported earlier this week by multiple outlets that Harrison Ford would officially be coming back to reprise his role as Indiana Jones in the fifth installment of the classic franchise.

Men's Health reported that Ford confirmed shooting would begin soon in the next couple of months, however, it was also noted that Steven Spielberg would not come back as the director, despite his connection to the series.

Variety claims Spielberg has stepped down from the project to allow a "new generation" of directors to take on Indiana Jones. As for who will sit in the director's chair, rumor has it that James Mangold may take the spot. He's most known for Logan and Ford Versus Ferrari.

Some of his other past works including The Wolverine, Walk The Line , as well as Identity. At the moment, the movie's plot is unclear, but what we do know is that it won't be a reboot or a prequel. Ford made that clear in the summer of 2019 when he appeared on the Today Show.

Harrison Ford was adamant that nobody would ever take his role as Indiana Jones, except for him. He added that when he's gone, there won't be another Indiana Jones movie. No one will ever star as Indy, except for him.

Fans of the franchise know that it has been pushed back a number of times over the last few years, but currently, it's set for release on the 9th of July, 2021. After a few years of stepping away from blockbuster films, Harrison Ford made his big return in the Star Wars series.

However, his history with the franchise hasn't always been positive. A summer 2019 report from the San Francisco Gate claimed that Harrison was once so upset with a co-worker on Return Of The Jedi that he tried to get them fired.

Reportedly, Harrison tried to have Tim Rose, the actor and puppeteer fired for a joke gone wrong. You can read more about the incident at this link here.


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