Incredible Week for Ed Sheeran’s Latest Hits!

Incredible Week for Ed Sheeran’s Latest Hits!
Credit: Source: VentureBeat

Ed Sheeran broke Spotify records last Friday after the release of his two new singles earlier in a week, which quickly turned into top hits, “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill”. The 25-year-old artist entered the streaming platform's hall of fame, thanks to his skyrocketing popularity. To be more specific, his songs were listened over and over again, smashing quite a few records!

Ed Sheeran is on the virtue of becoming an even bigger sensation, as his new singles broke the record for the most streams in the first 24 hours of availability. “Shape Of You” recorded 6.8 million listens, while “Castle On The Hill” comes second, but not too far behind, with 6.1 million listens. Just keep in mind that One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” was leading the top, with 4,7 million listens, but in the first 24 hours of availability, “Shape Of You” beat that record. It also broke the record for streams in a first week held by Adele’s “Hello” which was set in 2015.

It was the perfect first week for Ed Sheeran! After all, how else can you call it when your song, “Shape Of You” is streamed 52,359,013 times on Spotify? “Shape Of You” is like “La La Land” at the Golden Globes, winning in every category.

In the U.K., thanks to the 9.5 million streams in one week, “Shape Of You”, besides beating Adele’s “Hello”, got the “Best First Week For A Song In The U.K.” distinction.

At the age of 25, Ed Sheeran is already a big name in the industry and his hard work is finally paying off. Seeing how much success he has, we’re wondering what records will his music break in the near future!

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