In Response To Jennifer Flavin's Divorce Petition, Sylvester Stallone Refuted Any Misconduct

In Response To Jennifer Flavin's Divorce Petition, Sylvester Stallone Refuted Any Misconduct
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In his response to his former wife Jennifer Flavin 's divorce petition, Sylvester Stallone refuted any misconduct involving their shared property.

According to records filed on August 29 and acquired by Page Six, the "Rocky" star refuted her claims that he was "involved in the deliberate dissipation, exhaustion and/or waste of shared property which has had an unfavorable economic impact on the marital estate."

The actor has "not been involved," according to Stallone's legal team, in that kind of behavior. Flavin's plea for "exclusive use" of their Palm Beach, Florida, the mansion was granted by Stallone, 76. He also did not oppose Flavin's request for the reinstatement of her maiden name, but he did concur that their union was "irretrievably destroyed."

The ex-lawyers couple's did not respond immediately to Page Six's request for clarification. I cherish my family. We are peacefully and confidentially resolving these private matters, a Stallone representative earlier said in a statement issued on his account by Page Six.

After 25 years of marriage, Flavin, 54, filed for separation from Stallone in Palm Beach County on August 19. Court records acquired by Page Six confirmed this. They reportedly split up over Stallone getting a new dog soon after the shocking news occurred, though he later rejected the allegations.

The "Tulsa King" actor told TMZ, "We did not break the relationship on such a small quarrel," however he did acknowledge that the couple had a disagreement about "how to look for the dog," given that they frequently travel and split their time between two homes.

Although the cause of the breakup is undisclosed, insiders later revealed directly to Page Six that Stallone was "caught by surprise" by Flavin's divorce petition.

"There isn't a kinder couple in the world," She has been going to see him when he is filming in Oklahoma City. Everything sounded wonderful, and it was. I don't know what happened," an insider said to Page Six.


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