In Order To Make Jennifer Flavin Resemble Wonder Woman, Sylvester Stallone Wanted To Modify Her Tattoo

In Order To Make Jennifer Flavin Resemble Wonder Woman, Sylvester Stallone Wanted To Modify Her Tattoo
Credit: people

The person who got Sylvester Stallone the tattoo of Jennifer Flavin's face years ago claims that Stallone had discussed changing it before Flavin declared her divorce last month.

According to PEOPLE, Mike DeVries recalled tattooing Stallone in 2007. Since then, he has painted the body art with a memorial to his late dog and co-star from the film Rocky Butkus. The couple declared their separation a few days later.

Since he phoned and emailed me last year to propose turning Jennifer Flavin into Wonder Woman, I knew he was interested in doing something, claims DeVries.

He notes that Flavin's hair is darker in the tattoo on his shoulder and that Wonder Woman's yellow tiara wouldn't "work" over it.

He adds that he decided in the end not to change that particular tattoo, saying that all of her hair would simply shine through.

The ink artist tells The people that he has since given Stallone numerous more tattoos and that the actor is one of those men who just understands what he wants.

When DeVries was developing the image of Flavin, Stallone reportedly made it plain that he wanted a tattoo of her face but only with a few additional details.

He desired more vivid colors. Greater brightness. DeVries says, "We need to make these hues brighter.
He goes on; We selected a particular image. Additionally, you generally don't want to deviate too much from the chosen image... I can still recall finishing up and getting my hair done.

I've now started working on the face. Additionally, I'm getting excited. I finish the chin and move on to the lips, which I nearly complete.

According to DeVries, Stallone then became a little bit more detailed. Hold for a second; he says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." Please make these lips for me. He then produces a variety of magazine covers. Make it like this, he says, continuing.

According to DeVries, he worked on the picture until Stallone was "satisfied" with it.


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