In An All-Caps-Twitter Message A$AP Rocky Denies He Sucks In Bed

In An All-Caps-Twitter Message A$AP Rocky Denies He Sucks In Bed
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On Wednesday, a sex-tape involving the rapper, A$AP Rocky, was leaked to Pornhub, and the social media criticism against the performing artist was swift, with many people trashing his skills in bed and accusing him of having a terrible "stroke."

On his Twitter account this Thursday, A$AP Rocky wrote the following message:

The "Praise The Lord" artist's comments appear to confirm that it was, in fact, him in the video. Although, some people pointed out that it was actually difficult to see whether it really was him in the video or not. However, fans of A$AP Rocky claimed there were similarities between the tattoos in the videotape as well as those on himself.

Many people online took it upon themselves to use the opportunity as a way to flex their comic muscles. For instance, one user claimed his performance in the video clip was as "disappointing" as their grades this semester.

Yesterday, Page Six reported that a videotape featuring the artist was leaked onto the internet. At the time, no one online was able to confirm whether he was the person in the video, however, as it was noted above, fans noticed the tattoo similarities.

Another person, referencing current events, joked that someone should "impeach Rocky for that sex tape." Interestingly, A$AP revealed earlier this year that he was a "sex addict," claiming it started when he was in junior high school.

During an episode of WE TV's Untold Stories of Hip-Hop , A$AP claims it all started sometime when he was a youth. Regardless, this wouldn't be the first time the rapper has faced controversy this year, although, admittedly, this particular instance is of less significance.

In the summertime, the rapper was put behind bars in the Swedish city of Stockholm for his involvement in a street fight that left a 19-year-old injured. The rapper was imprisoned for close to a month until he was finally put on trial and subsequently released and sent back to the United States.

And just a few months later, the rapper returned to Sweden to put on a show along with some of his contemporaries.

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