In A Vintage Self-Care Video, Jennifer Lopez Strips Down To The Bathtub

In A Vintage Self-Care Video, Jennifer Lopez Strips Down To The Bathtub
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The 53-year-old singer and actress shared a retro video of herself in the tub on Thursday, reliving a calm moment during her honeymoon in Paris. The singer posted the throwback photo with the hashtag #tbt on the Instagram account for her cosmetics line.

The actress is shown wearing a diamond bracelet and earrings as she relaxes in a bathtub to the soothing sounds of a piano. Then, her camera moves to a fluffy white robe with the words "Just Married" stitched in gold.

There's a shot of the Eiffel Tower from the bathroom window, and the film concludes with a display of JLo Beauty items. Lopez shared the same luxury photo again on her Instagram story on Friday.

Soon after her July nuptials to Ben Affleck in Las Vegas, the Marry Me actress went on a honeymoon to Paris with her new spouse. The newlyweds were caught on camera engaging in public displays of affection while taking their kids on a private tour of the world-famous Louvre Museum.

Almost a month after getting married in Las Vegas, Lopez, 48, and Affleck, 50, hosted a grander celebration on August 20 at the Oscar-winning actor's 87-acre estate on Hampton Island Preserve.

Lopez expanded on what Affleck said during the ceremony in Georgia in her On the JLo newsletter. This place is perfect. Here and now. Here we are; we've entered the fray. Ben authored one of my all-time favorite lines in his film Live By Night, which he also directed. She recalled that he had also mentioned it at the wedding reception address. "How lovely," she gushed.

Lopez continued in the newsletter, "We had no idea that the journey ahead would involve traversing so many labyrinths and include so many surprises, blessings, and thrills. Everything led up to this point, one of the finest of our life. To put it simply, we were overjoyed.

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