In A Pair Of Leather Pants With An Extremely Low Rise, Julia Fox Left The House

In A Pair Of Leather Pants With An Extremely Low Rise, Julia Fox Left The House
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Thanks to her relationship with Kanye West , the entire public became aware of the model Julia Fox. She did not, however, vanish from view after splitting with the well-known rapper; on the contrary, she gained even greater notoriety.

And it's all because of her exceptional, if not overly ostentatious and frequently controversial, sense of style.

The model was once more the focus of one of her final photos. The celebrity emerged in public wearing a tiny bra and incredibly low-rise black leather pants. Sunglasses and pointed boots finished off her appearance.

However, Julia's picture was mocked and compared to a centaur online. The star being portrayed as mythological monster in jokes and memes did not take long to appear.

However, Julia was not offended in the least by the comparison and posted the image on her blog. Her sense of humor and capacity for self-deprecation was well received by her audience.

Her fans tease her, saying things like, "Julia, you made my day," "You are insane, and I adore it," "Superstyle," and "This is what happens to people after a romance with Kanye West."

She continued, justifying her controversial attire, saying that those who don't understand it are "mentally lazy," adding that there's more to life than trying to live up to an unachievable beauty standard that has been put onto me by insecure celebrities with the ultimate objective of impressing men.

Although not everyone enjoys Fox's extravagant style, it has never stopped the actress from going above and beyond. This summer, the "PVT Chat" star has gone all out with blazing bikini tops, optical illusion couture, and daytime underwear, to mention a few recent racy outfits.


However, she made it plain in her Instagram Story that when she chooses to show some skin, it's not with the "aim of pleasing men." Kanye West's ex is known for pushing fashion boundaries every time she leaves the house.

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