In A Cameo For Thor: Love And Thunder, Idris Elba Recalled Playing Heimdall Again

In A Cameo For Thor: Love And Thunder, Idris Elba Recalled Playing Heimdall Again
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The news that Marvel Studios wanted him to play the same character in Thor: Love and Thunder this summer startled Idris Elba in a good way.

"Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth are really like my brothers in the entertainment world and real life, so I was very surprised when I was asked. So, therefore, being there was a thrill, "the 49-year-old actor spoke to people.

The chance arose while he was filming Love and Thunder in Australia and, coincidentally, Three Thousand Years of Longing, a movie by George Miller that is currently in theatres.

I managed to present my brothers to my sister, Tilda Swinton, in the context of both films, and George was there, so it was like all of my dearest friends were present, Elba stated. This includes his co-star and director from the film Longing.

Swinton, a co-star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recalled the event vividly to people, saying, "It was lovely, but there was an added, extra delectable element to my relationship with Taika since my darling visual artist Sandro Kopp used to share an apartment with Taika in New Zealand."

She observed that it was a lucky home. It serves as the inspiration for What We Do in the Shadows. I've known Waititi for much longer, and I am familiar with all the tales, the actress continued. And I am aware of how much of that is a fact. He was, therefore, already a sibling who dates back even further.

The relationship resulted in an enjoyable reunion. Due to our meeting, we had lunch with Taika on our first day out of lockdown. We then traveled to Chris' home. What a group of villagers we were! Swinton said that day was the most enjoyable.

Elba plays a genie in Longing, in which Swinton, a horrified mythology professor, awakens after she purchases a glass bottle in a Turkish market. As he begs Swinton's doubting scholar to grant her three wishes, Elba's frustrated genie—or djinn, as referred to in the story—recounts his never-ending search for freedom.


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