Iman Says She Will Never Marry Again After Losing David Bowie, Her One True Love

Iman Says She Will Never Marry Again After Losing David Bowie, Her One True Love
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Iman opened up to Harper's Bazaar for their February 2021 issue and she spoke on many topics including her husband David Bowie who passed away on January 10, 2016, from liver cancer. Iman has spoken about David in the past and said she would never marry again, and she continues to share the same sentiments. Five years past David Bowie 's sorrowful passing, Iman continues to say that her husband was the one true love of her life and she will never marry again.

David's death came as a shock to the public and his fans and it tragically occurred two days following his 69th birthday. There was a whirlwind of activity as David, who kept his two-year cancer battle a secret had just released his final album Black Star . Nearly prophetic, David also released his video "Lazarus" which was symbolic of his impending passing.

The video was filled with haunting images and the lyrics made it clear that it was David's way of dealing with his terminal prognosis.

A portion of the lyrics of Lazarus is as follows.

By the time I got to New York
I was living like a king
There I'd used up all my money
I was looking for your ass
This way or no way
You know, I'll be free
Just like that bluebird
Now, ain't that just like me?
Oh, I'll be free
Just like that bluebird
Oh, I'll be free

You may see David Bowie's video for "Lazarus" that was released three days before his death below.

In Iman's heartbreaking interview she spoke about how David is her one true love and also shared a story of how she saw a bluebird fly past her on the day David died.

She stated the following to Harper's Bazaar.

David is in our hearts and minds on a daily basis, for all of us. You know, this was my true love. My daughter once asked me if I would ever marry again and I said, 'never'.

Continuing, she spoke of how David is always with her.

He’s hiding in plain sight. His fans are still around, his music is still relevant. And on the day of his passing, I went on a hike and a bluebird flew in front of me. A bluebird, above all things!

You may see Iman's full interview with Harper's Bazaar below.


What do you think about Iman's commitment to her marriage even five years following David Bowie's death? Do you believe that true love only comes along once in a lifetime?

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