Ilhan Omar And Husband Ahmed Hirsi Reveal The Bizarre Reason They Have Filed For Divorce

Ilhan Omar And Husband Ahmed Hirsi Reveal The Bizarre Reason They Have Filed For Divorce
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In the aftermath of her cheating accusations, Ilhan Omar has decided to take the significant step of filing for divorce from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi.

The fiery politician has explained that there is no recovery in sight for her marriage at this point, and she has been deeply affected by the accusations that she had been involved in an affair with Tim Mynett.

Many are still questioning the exact involvement of Omar with the political consultant, and it does not seem like everyone believes her statements at the moment.

Adding to the dramatic nature of the situation, Omar chose her birthday to file the divorce proceedings.

This would mark the end of a 17-year relationship, although the two did split up for quite a long time several years ago.

It is not known if they are considering ever getting back together after this scandal, or if they will move on with their lives.

In any case, it does not seem like Omar is all too happy with the way things have turned out, as the Democratic politician has noted multiple times that her relationship was beyond repair as a result of the accusations.

However, some have pointed out that if she was indeed cheating on her husband, there are not many other people, she could point her fingers to other than her self.

It remains to be seen how the divorce case will proceed, and whether there will be any further complications ahead of either Omar or her husband. Both are reportedly on the same page with regard to the idea of getting divorced, however.

Via, a lawyer, the Minnesota congresswoman and her soon to be ex-husband, Hirsi, issued a statement saying the media is to blame for the split.

The statement read: “Ilhan and Ahmed have been the object of speculation and innuendo from political opponents and the media. This has taken a significant toll on Ilhan, Ahmed, and their three children. As with all marriages, this is an intensely personal and difficult time for their family.”

It continued: “Just like any other family navigating this kind of transition, Ilhan wishes to have their privacy respected for themselves and their children and will not be commenting any further.”

Omar has become a magnet for controversy.

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