Iggy Azalea's Fans Confused About Her 'I Have A Son' Post - 'When Was She Pregnant?'

Iggy Azalea's Fans Confused About Her 'I Have A Son' Post - 'When Was She Pregnant?'
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As you might have heard, Iggy Azalea is a new mom! The rapper took to social media to confirm that she gave birth to a son, earlier this week.

But while there have been some pregnancy rumors going around, many fans were still very confused as to when exactly she was even pregnant!

That being said, hearing that she has already welcomed her baby came as a shock since they’d never even seen her baby bump before.

It makes sense that they had no idea what was going on since the Australian rapper managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps the whole time as she continued to share pictures of her toned abs and tiny waist all throughout!

Obviously, she received many congratulatory messages after finally revealing that she is now the mom of a baby boy, on her Instagram stories,

At the same time, others were simply perplexed by the news.

One user commented: ‘Do these celebs hide in the house 4-9 months.’

Someone else argued that Iggy did a better job hiding her pregnancy than even Kylie Jenner who, despite the many rumors, never confirmed she was expecting until after giving birth.

A third commenter simply wondered: ‘When was she pregnant?’ Exactly!

Others did not know what to think about Iggy not mentioning her boyfriend, fellow rapper Playboi Carti, in her announcement.

She wrote: ‘I have a son. I kept waiting for a right time to say something but it feels as if the more time passes the more I realize I am always going to feel anxious sharing news that giant with the world. I do want to keep his life private but I wanted to make clear he's not a secret and I love him beyond words.’

And that is all she told her fans! No details such as the name of the baby or his father, let alone sharing a first pic of the infant!

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