Iggy Azalea Trashes Wendy Williams After Body Diss - Echoes 50 Cent Insult and Claims Wendy Is A 'Crackhead'

Iggy Azalea Trashes Wendy Williams After Body Diss - Echoes 50 Cent Insult and Claims Wendy Is A 'Crackhead'
Credit: Source: Wikimedia.org

According to multiple reports, Wendy Williams and Iggy Azalea are at each others' throats. The 11th season of The Wendy Williams Show just started and Wendy is already talking smack about someone in the hip-hop community.

Recently, Nicki Minaj said she was going to retire, and Wendy discussed this news at length, however, she went on to transition into Iggy Azalea's years-long break from the music scene. Wendy derisively referred to Iggy as the girl from Australia with all of the plastic surgery.

Iggy, 29, took to her Twitter account to fire back at the host of The Wendy Williams Show, 55. In her tweet, Iggy referred to Wendy as the "crack-head" with the television show. She went on to say that Wendy was a "walking Mike Tyson tribal tattoo slapped over a deeply set c-section scar."

As it was previously reported, Wendy has been more than candid regarding her struggles with alcohol addiction as well as plastic surgery.

Near the beginning of 2019, in fact, she voluntarily checked herself into a facility along with other professional women after the news of her estranged husband's infidelity came out. On her show, the television host said she has struggled with stimulants in her past.

There's no question that Wendy Williams has made some enemies throughout her life and career. Previously, the star was feuding with the rapper, 50 Cent.

Wendy reportedly spoke on 50 Cent's personal life, including his family drama, and when her relapse was announced by the media, 50 Cent took the opportunity to slam the host on his social media account.

Paraphrasing what the rapper said, 50 Cent claimed he always knew there was something off about Wendy Williams, referring to her as a "crackhead." It's definitely possible that Iggy's choice of insult echoed that of the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper.

Iggy hasn't been without her controversies either, however. Following the news that her basketball playing ex-boyfriend impregnated another woman, the rapper took a brief hiatus to work on herself. In a recent interview, Iggy claims her team encouraged her to take a step back for a while.


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