Iggy Azalea Trashes Eminem For Calling Her A "Ho" On MGK Diss-Track "Killshot"

Iggy Azalea Trashes Eminem For Calling Her A "Ho" On MGK Diss-Track "Killshot"
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Iggy Azalea wants no part of the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly beef. The "Mo Bounce" rapper took to Twitter on Friday to fire back at Marshall Mathers, after he recently mentioned her briefly in his song directed at Machine Gun.

In his track, "Killshot," Eminem referred to Iggy as "that ho," and she had some words of criticism for the Kamikaze rapper. According to Iggy, Eminem filled his diss track with celebrity name drops as a compensation for his "lazy bars."

Azalea said that she has an "unbiased opinion," because she was a fan who "sung the words in the crowd." Azalea added that using celebrity names was a "crutch."

On Friday, Eminem released his response to MGK's track, "Rap Devil," where he claimed that Slim Shady was old, angry, irrelevant, and had a "weird beard."

On his Instagram account, Eminem released a snapshot of the cover of the single, which didn't come as a part of any official EP or album. Despite the media criticizing Eminem heavily, for the most part, his fans adored the response.

As for how it all started, Slim Shady and MGK began their feud all the way back in 2012 when the 28-year-old rapper said that Eminem's daughter was "hot as f*ck," when she was 16-years-old, and he was 23-years-old.

Rumor has it that Eminem had MGK's music banned from his radio channel, Shady 45.

On the 3rd of September, the 28-year-old artist released his track in response to Eminem's song, "Not Alike," where he referenced the young rapper's tweet, as well as his diss track with Tech Nine.

On Twitter, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted that Eminem's new song was "trash,' and that it was more like a leg-shot than a kill shot. Following his YouTube video that went viral, Machine Gun announced the release of his new EP - a smart marketing tactic.


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