Iggy Azalea Says Her Newborn Son Cries When He Hears Her Songs In Funny TikTok Video

Iggy Azalea Says Her Newborn Son Cries When He Hears Her Songs In Funny TikTok Video
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Iggy Azalea just joined the long list of people doing the ‘You Think You Can Hurt My Feelings?’ TikTok challenge trending at the moment but that is not the only reason she is making headlines! In the clip she posted on the popular platform, Iggy mentioned her baby boy named Onyx and that surprised many and made them very excited.

After all, that part of her life has been and continues to be kept very private.

You might know that no one even had an idea that she had been pregnant when Iggy decided to finally announce she had become a mom in quarantine!

The star apparently gave birth to her first child back in April but she shared the news in June.

Iggy wrote at the time that: ‘I have a son. I kept waiting for the right time to say it, but it feels like the more time passes the more that I realize I am always going to feel anxious sharing news that massive with the world. I just want to keep his life private but want to make it clear that he is not a secret and that I love him beyond words.’

As for the challenge, Iggy wanted to prove that she is the type of person who doesn’t get offended easily at all.

The trend requires the challengers to share one reason why they have really thick skin.

So, Iggy decided to mention that part of the reason for that is her newborn son, Onyx Carter.

‘You think that you can hurt my feelings? My baby cries when I play my music,’ she wrote over the clip.

While that could have been a cute and funny reveal about the baby’s reactions to her playing her own songs, in the caption, the new mom confessed that she was just joking.


‘Kidddddding. He’s only heard The Lion King so far,’ she assured her followers.

Still, her video was a way for her to call out her actual haters, proving that she’s not affected by it and instead, she’s decided to own the hate some have for her music.

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