Iggy Azalea Puts Playboi Carti On Blast - Shares Video Of Him Getting Kicked Out Of Her Home

Iggy Azalea Puts Playboi Carti On Blast - Shares Video Of Him Getting Kicked Out Of Her Home
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Fans of Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti know their relationship appears to have fallen apart. Hot New Hip hop reported this week that Iggy Azalea took to her Instagram Stories to call out Carti for supposedly bailing on their Christmas plans at the last minute.

Moreover, the rapper has accused Playboi of cheating on her while she was pregnant with their son. According to Azalea, Playboi Carti canceled their holiday plans so he could spend more time with the woman he had cheated on her with.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Iggy's Christmas morning today started out calm, however, it took a turn for the worse in the ensuing hours. The outlet says the "Mo' Bounce" rapper shared a video of herself kicking the rapper out of her home after he got busted cheating.

There's a video compilation of Iggy's Instagram Live below. Check out what she had to say for herself:

Iggy says she left out the part of the video where Playboi was pulling his pants back up after having been caught cheating. Azalea also accused Playboi Carti of failing to meet up with her for their planned c-section delivery. She says the rapper was busy playing Playstation 5 instead of taking care of her and their soon-to-be-born child.

You can see part of her posts below:

As it was noted above, Iggy and Playboi Carti have been on the outs for a good portion of the year. Regarding her most recent claims about Playboi Carti , the rapper says he never bothered to give their first-born child together - whom he allegedly agreed and wanted to have with her - his last name.

Iggy went on to say that he was "trash" to do such a thing to his "first-born son." Thus far, the comment section reaction to her claims hasn't been very positive.

For instance, in the Hot New Hip Hop comment section, a lot of users argued that the rapper was "too young" for her anyway, and if she wanted a father, she should've chosen someone much older and more mature.

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