Iggy Azalea Posts Photo Ostensibly To Disprove Playboi Carti Pregnancy Rumors

For months, Iggy Azalea's relationship with Playboi Carti has been all the rage on social media. Moreover, it's been rumored by people online that she may have been pregnant with his child, as well.

Hot New Hip Hop acquired a post from the Australian performing artist recently in which she showed off her body, and it looks like the rumors may not be true. The outlet pointed out that Iggy is looking as trim and fit as she normally does.

In other words, it's looking like the rumors of her baby with the much younger rapper are not true. Thus far, the outlet claims, it's Iggy's first upload on the platform for all of 2020. As it was previously reported, Iggy and Playboi were rumored to be having a baby just a few months back.

The rumors only intensified when people noticed that the young rapper went out and purchased a family-friendly SUV. The idea is that it had enough room to fit a baby in the backseat, although, neither party has said anything about the rumors.

Iggy has been in the media for more negative reasons over the last few months as well. In fact, Iggy's purported feud with the 17-year-old rising star, Danielle Bregoli, supposedly was one of the reasons for the Dr. Phil alum's break from the social sharing platform.

A report from People Magazine earlier this year suggested that her fight with Azalea online was the reason for her hiatus, although, it was never revealed to be the case. What we do know is that Danielle was on the receiving end of negativity from some people online.

On her social media account, Danielle shared that being a celebrity on social media was a tough affair for her. She claimed it was tough on her mentally to wake up every day and see people calling her all kinds of mean names, including a "racist white c*nt," on a regular basis.

According to Bregoli, she has had a love-hate relationship with Instagram and other platforms. In one way, she managed to become a star through Youtube and Instagram, but on the other, she deals with a never-ending onslaught of cruel comments.

Iggy Azalea has had her own struggles in her personal life as well, including when her ex-boyfriend had a child with another woman.

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