Iggy Azalea - Here's How She Decided To Finally Post Pics Of Her Son Online!

Iggy Azalea - Here's How She Decided To Finally Post Pics Of Her Son Online!
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A couple of days ago, Iggy Azalea made headlines when she decided to finally introduce her son to the world despite keeping her pregnancy, birth and the first few months of his life a secret in an attempt to protect his privacy. Naturally, all things considered, people were surprised when she posted a couple of pics of little Onyx’s face for the first time.

So what convinced the rapper to introduce her ‘perfect angel’ to her followers after all?

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘It was a spur of the moment decision to share her son’s picture. She is so proud of him and she just decided she was ready to let her fans see her perfect angel. She really feels like she was born to be a mom and destined to have her son. So, no matter what she will always be happy for what she had with [Playboi Carti] because they really did make the most perfect child.’

Furthermore, Iggy also made headlines for revealing that she and the baby’s father, fellow rapper Playboi Carti were no longer together.

Iggy mentioned in a post not too long ago that she is doing it all alone when it comes to raising her son, also stressing that she’s single.

About this, the source dished that ‘They have been on and off for a while. When she came back to L.A. a few months ago [Playboi Carti] stayed in Atlanta. Then they were trying to figure things out so it was on and off but Iggy has made it clear she’s done trying. She’s doing just fine without him. She has her baby boy and she’s so in love with him and with being a mom, she’s good. She just lost trust in him and ultimately doesn’t feel it can be regained. Loyalty is everything to her.’


They stressed that Iggy took her time to make this decision so she is sure it was the right one.

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