Iggy Azalea Dishes On Career Downturn - The Rapper Had To Take A 2-Week Break At Arizona Health Facility

Iggy Azalea Dishes On Career Downturn - The Rapper Had To Take A 2-Week Break At Arizona Health Facility
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According to a report from EOnline, Iggy Azalea recently had to do some serious work on herself following a mental health crisis. Back in 2014, the star was known as the "Queen of Fancy," however, after a series of personal setbacks and controversies, the star found herself needing time to re-evaluate.

Five years ago in 2014, the entertainer had a huge song, which was arguably the track of the summer, a relationship with Nick Young, a Grammy nomination as well as several fashion campaigns and endorsements. However, after coming upon hard times, the star's career subsequently took a downturn.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, the latest issue on which she graced the cover, the rapper explained her mental health retreat to a facility in Arizona. Her management team had to step in and make sure she didn't flush her life and career down the drain claims the rapper.

"They just didn't want me to f*ck up my own life," the star admitted to reporters from the outlet. Spanning approximately fourteen days, the 29-year-old spoke with a therapist in Arizona and discussed many aspects of her life, including not being able to separate legitimate criticism with online trolling.

"The whole thing was very overwhelming," the rapper explained, stating that she was operating on a level of insanity. With that said, now that she's out and better than ever, she's ready to tackle her career once again.

Iggy said to the outlet that a person gets as many shots in life as they're willing to persevere. It's all about never giving up and continuing to work at oneself. Azalea said she's not going to stop "fighting for a second chance" until somebody gives her one and she's able to prove herself.

Taking into account her past squabbles however, Iggy said she is still the same person, "ridiculous" and "larger than life." At the moment, she's in a relationship with her much younger boyfriend, Playboi Carti, who is currently doing well in his rap career. Iggy also said she wants to be a mother at some point too.

Speaking on the idea of getting older, Azalea admitted that as a person grows wiser, they realize they don't really know much of anything.

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